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Avant-garde Green Oasis Bracelet—a masterpiece of high craftsmanship, intricately carved from seashells and adorned with healing howlite gemstones in lush green hues. This avant-garde bracelet is a visual celebration of nature and well-being.

The seashell carvings emulate the beauty of an oasis, while the embedded green howlite gemstones bring forth their healing properties. Howlite is believed to promote emotional healing, making this bracelet not only a stunning accessory but also a wearable source of tranquility.

Beneath its avant-garde design lies a hidden message of health, love, and prosperity—a symbolic representation of holistic well-being inspired by the rejuvenating power of nature. For those who appreciate distinctive and meaningful jewelry, the Avant-garde Green Oasis Bracelet is an exquisite accessory that invites wearers to embrace a narrative of wellness and love through its unique blend of craftsmanship, vibrant green hues, and positive energy.



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