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Introducing the Opulent Dark Grey Fleece Set, a luxurious ensemble designed for ultimate comfort and elegance. Crafted from the finest dark grey fleece plush fabric, this pullover offers exceptional warmth and sophistication. Its velvety soft texture envelops you in luxury, making it the perfect choice for cooler weather and refined occasions.

Complementing the pullover is a matching hijab, made from the same sumptuous material. This luxurious headwear drapes beautifully, providing both style and comfort while enhancing the overall look of the ensemble.

Ideal for cooler climates and sophisticated gatherings, the Opulent Dark Grey Fleece Set exudes class and refinement. Embrace the pinnacle of luxurious fashion with this exquisite set, ensuring you stay warm, comfortable, and effortlessly elegant.

Velvet Elegance Fleece Set.

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