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Introducing the Yaluvme Ivory Nightfall Hoodie, a symbol of elegance and cultural charm for cool summer nights. Crafted from lightweight fabric, this hoodie combines comfort with sophistication.

Adorned with the iconic Yaluvme logo in Arabic script on the front, it exudes a sense of pride and cultural richness. At the back, the whimsical phrase "بالطبع" ("Of Course" in Arabic) is elegantly written, adding a touch of playful sophistication to the hoodie.


The serene ivory color complements any ensemble, offering a versatile option for evening wear. Whether you're out for a leisurely stroll or gathering with friends, this hoodie keeps you stylish and comfortable.


Embrace the timeless beauty of cultural heritage with the Yaluvme Ivory Nightfall Hoodie, your go-to choice for cool summer evenings.

Yaluvme Ivory Elegance Hoodie

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