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Introducing the Yaluvme Lightweight White Turtleneck Hoodie, a chic summer essential with a touch of playful elegance. Crafted from airy, lightweight fabric, this hoodie is perfect for breezy summer evenings or casual daytime outings.


Featuring the iconic Yaluvme logo on the front, it adds a hint of sophistication and brand pride to your ensemble. But the true charm lies in the back, where the whimsical phrase "بالطبع" ("Of Course" in Arabic) is elegantly written, adding a touch of cultural flair to your look.


Designed with a comfortable turtleneck, this hoodie provides both style and practicality. Whether you're enjoying a sunset stroll or meeting friends for brunch, it's the perfect choice for effortless summer chic.


Stay cool, stylish, and culturally connected with the Yaluvme Lightweight White Turtleneck Hoodie, your go-to piece for summer sophistication.

Yaluvme White Summer Breeze Hoodie

SKU: 45w34h
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